Angel Walk 2012

Thank you for supporting the 2012 Angel Walk!

The money we raised will help PODS offer some new services, such as sponsoring sign language classes, parenting class, financial planning, art therapy, sponsoring attendance at national events, a monthly newsletter, outreach to new families and hopefully many other important services.

 The Angel Walk is a big start to raising the funds to support these additional services.  PODS plans to offer some additional fund raising activities such as the 2013 PODS photo calendar.  PODS also will host an annual membership drive.  Between these three events (and maybe more) we will grow the PODS funds to sponsor more services.  Thank you all for your generous support for the Angel Walk and in the future.

We also wanted to recognize the many volunteers who helped make the event happen and who have shown their support.

We were fortunate to have Joan Rothgeb with us for the event.  Joan is the Director of the Department of Special Education for the Prince George's County Public School System.  Thank you Joan for joining us during the Angel Walk to show us your support.

We were also fortunate to have had Penny Justin from the MD Parks and Recreation, Inclusion Services.

Monette Thompson, a friend of Selina Brodie and her family helped us put together the Butterfly craft arts table.

Thanks to W. Mylar Caterer in DC for donating the delicious cookies.

We are especially fortunate to have so many wonderful volunteers from Girl Scout Junior Troop 4461 with us:

Adia Keene
Alyson Jefferson
Amaya Berry
Kennedy Childs
Lyric Snowden
Madison Kilpatrick
Marley Carter
Michelle Chandler
Ndidi Igbozuruike
Sophia Rose Herisee
Sydney King

A big thank you to Crystal Washington the manager of the Lake Arbor Community Center and all the wonderful staff who helped make this happen for us.

Also, the many PODS families and friends who helped out today with donating snack and drinks and manning the tables, specifically Cherice, Vania, Ashlee, Brandie, Elizabeth, Raeline, Sherri, W.M., Kerby, and Aisha.

Thanks again from the planning committee,

Pamela Leach, Monique Bourque, Teia Brown, Reina Guartico, Opal Foster,  Kim Tart , and Selina Brodie

See you at the 2013 Angel Walk!

Here is the video for the Angel Walk. Enjoy!